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Call us naive if you like but we still believe in some basic journalistic principles. Like distinguishing between news and advertising and between fact and PR guff.

Here, the Post has dressed up as news an advert for its new peddler of mumbo-jumbo, Claire Petulengro.

We are told that Claire “Was just six years old when she read her first palm. The realisation at such a young age that she possessed clairvoyant powers came as no surprise to the youngster” as if “clairvoyant powers” actually exist rather than being a nasty mix of superstition, pseudoscience and money-spinning scam.

Oh, and the Post helpfully informs us the end of the “report” that Claire, “gives lectures on astrology and the art of prediction . . . [and] is working on sixteenth astrology-based book.”

And of course, prominent at the foot of her daily column of drivel is an advert for Claire’s “Live Psychic” phone line; calls cost £1.50 per minute and texts cost £3 a go.


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