Supremo is dictator says Sid Bonkers

Or, how to make a silly story sillier.


So, the Post interviews the Bristol City Council executive member for transport, Mark Bradshaw (or ‘Transport Supremo’ in journalese; who the fuck uses the word supremo in the real world?). The subject of the interview is the council’s latest plan to deal with the city’s God-awful congestion problem by introducing residents parking charges in central Bristol.

Bradshaw made the quite obvious point that no one has a legal right to park their car/s in a reserved space on the road outside their house. Cue feigned outrage and angry headlines from the Post followed by the predictable flood of comments from persecuted petrol-heads rampaging after their arch enemies, the ‘PC Brigade’ and Nanny State.

The Post obviously knows when it’s on to a good thing (i.e. any old crap that will shift some extra copies) so has to find a new angle to run with the next day.

The solution? Find a random old guy to compare Bradshaw to Hitler and remind him that we fought two world wars for our right to park our cars outside our castles. Job done.

City transport supremo Mark Bradshaw has been accused of “behaving like a dictator” in the row over on-street parking in Bristol.

Motoring organisations say that Councillor Bradshaw was legally correct when he told the Bristol Evening Post yesterday: “No one has the right to park for free outside their own home.”

One elderly driver – 79-year-old Don Cowley, of Newland Road, Withywood – compared Mr Bradshaw’s behaviour to that of a dictator.

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“We fought for our rights in two world wars.

“How dare Mr Bradshaw say we don’t have this right? He is beahving like a dictator.”

Great-grandad Mr Cowley parks his car in his drive. . .


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