If you suck mine . . .

Another day, another Evening Post story about Ben Elton’s crappy Queen musical, “We Will Rock You”. Today (Tuesday August 16) the Post reported on page three that some people have bought some tickets. This is of course an update on Monday’s story when the tickets went on sale. But, other than confirming that there really are some mugs about, how is this news? It looks even less newsworthy when you consider that the Post has been regularly reminding feeble minded rock fans about yesterday’s momentous event for over a month now.

But why? Why would a newspaper covering a population of over half a million consider it front page news that a musical which has been universally slated and mocked, is coming to town?

EP Rock you

Here’s a taste of what the critics have had to say about “We Will Rock You”:

“Ben Elton should be shot for this risible story” – Daily Mirror

“Trite and tacky” – The Independent

“It would be hard to imagine a less appropriate vehicle for the band’s music” – The Guardian

“Ruthlessly manufactured” – The Guardian

“The script remains little more than two-minute blasts of knob gags and misplaced polemic” [What, from Ben Elton?] – The Times

“Pantomime has arrived a little early in the shape of this shallow, stupid and totally vacuous musical” – Daily Mail

These are reviews for the show, not he Post, remember. . .

“Guaranteed to bore you rigid” – Telegraph

“The show is so awful it’s almost entertaining” – Daily Express

Maybe it’s just a matter of news-values. On August 18th the Post’s editors just decided that its “EXCLUSIVE” story uncovered from a Live Nation press release plugging this musical should be the front page splash. Perhaps they really think this is more newsworthy than the latest twist in the ‘child-killer holiday balcony jump Dad’ story which they have been salivating over from the start and was relegated to second place.

This EXCLUSIVE was followed up with a double-page spread interview with Ben Elton on August 21st and at least five more stories in the following five weeks. And the fucking show doesn’t even start until September 2009.

So, what is this obsession about? It’s simple really, the Evening Post have signed a “media partner” deal with the show’s promoters. In the “entertainment” business this usually means that the media partner agrees to promote the dross show in return for publicity and advertising for its brand. Why the fuck anyone would want their name associated with this hellish looking shite, I don’t know.

Whilst it’s hardly new or surprising that this kind of media mutual-masturbation goes on, it is another reminder that for all the high-handed talk about freedom of speech and holding power to account, our media is just another grubby business chasing profits like the rest of em.


EP We will rock you ad 2


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  1. Sarah C Says:

    Come on, it’s not like theres been anything else news-worthy happen this week… hang on wasn’t there some sort of huge economic meltdown, best not bore bristol with that.

  2. BristleKRS Says:

    Sort your tags out, EPW! There’s an ‘s’ in masturbation! Are you subbed by Northcliffe hacks in their lunch break or something? 😉

    PS Vowlsie has two links on your blogroll, and El Barlow should be a candidate.

    PPS Despite the typos, the blog’s definitely taking off 8)

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