Bread and Cabot Circuses

Chris Hutt at Green Bristol Blog has just posted on our new monument to consumerism, Cabot Circus, and the unfortunate timing of this months’ opening coinciding with the latest round of economic crisis.

He also notes the Evening Post’s apparently insatiable pant-wetting excitement about this ugly new shopping centre. They’ve even been running a readers’ competition this week for a chance to win a VIP tour of the place! Get a fucking grip, people; It’s a shopping centre.

There is something obscene about the rich wankers that are responsible for imposing this monstrosity on us, cheered on by their mates and lackeys in the council and the media, orgasming at the thought of all the money they hope to make. Meanwhile, as the economic crisis bites, the city is in the grip of a hidden housing crisis with 20,000 people on the council housing list and fuck knows how many in overcrowded or sub-standard housing.

The media are just either unable or unwilling to join the dots and ask the questions.



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5 Responses to “Bread and Cabot Circuses”

  1. Luke Says:

    Damn right, after the center and all, another waste of money whilst people sleep on the streets with, yes, 20,000 on the housing lists . . . Isn’t the Galleries and the Mall enough for these people, why another shopping center, and another one in the middle of Bristol for that matter? It’s like airport expansion where it isn’t needed. . .

  2. Spectator Says:

    “The media are just either unable or unwilling to join the dots and ask the questions.”

    Lets face it… if they were capable of joining the dots and asking the questions, they wouldn’t be wanking in the Evening post.

  3. badnewswade Says:

    Jesus! There’s even am over-the-top, TL;DR pean of praise to… the car park!

    Wow, it’s so good to know that our illustrious leaders have their priorities right! I’m so glad they spent all that money on housing for cars and road schemes instead of silly old public transport – after all, petrols’ only £1.09 a litre!

  4. badnewswade Says:

    This is pretty revealing:

    “While politicians aspire to the votes of “Mondeo man”, Cabot Circus is aiming to attract “Leigh Woods woman” – a description of an elusive shopper who lives in one of Bristol’s affluent suburbs and rarely visits in the city centre.”

    In other words: Screw you, peasants – we’re takin’ over!

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