Wow indeed. After a week of fucking insane Cabot Circus wank from the Post they finally ejaculated today’s edition complete with orgasmic WOW! headline and “how was it for you?” sub-head; followed by 11 more pages about the shopping centre.

EP - wow

After drudging through those twelve pages of corporate PR and consumerist hype we were beginning for fear for our collective sanity. Then we stumbled upon today’s Post editorial and realised that it is definitely not us with “issues”.

A fortnight of Post front pages dedicated to a shopping centre, a Queen musical, aliens and ghosts? We are beginning to get the impression that all is not well in the editor’s office. After reading today’s Comment on, you guessed it, Cabot Circus, we sense a little defensiveness, maybe delusions? Somebody help these folk back to reality:


“Never before has the opening of a shopping complex been so eagerly awaited, so widely anticipated and so universally welcomed . . . And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not superficial or shallow to be proud of a development . . . Our spirits have been lifted, our horizons broadened . . . Of course there have been cynics, doubters and critics who sneered and carped . . .”

Well, at least they have finally acknowledged that we cynics exist.

For more perfectly sane and healthy cynicism, doubting, criticism, sneering and carping, check Bristol Indymedia’s alternative Cabot Circus coverage. We’re off shopping . . .

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2 Responses to “WOW?”

  1. Spectator Says:

    Wow? How was it for you? Are they really are trying to equate the dubious pleasures of spending time in that appalling modernist hellhole with having a good shag?

    I feel really sorry for Mike Norton, if the Evening Post can equate fornication and Carboot Circus, it doesn’t say much for his sex life does it?

  2. Jane White Says:

    My husband and I walked round Cabot Circus this morning. The glass ceilings are beautiful but that’s about the only good thing I can think of to say. We couldn’t afford to stop and eat there or actually do any shopping. The only thought going through my mind as we wandered around was ‘We’re all being suckered into this’. I include myself in the ‘all’ – I did actually persuade my husband to come with me. We left after about 20 minutes and took away with us a feeling of annoyance, a general disgruntlement with the place and everything it stands for – money, avarice, greed, consumerism, ownership of unnecessary stuff. Then we walked to St Nicholas’ Market and had a reasonably priced lunch, a delicious cup of coffee and a wander round stalls where things were affordable, smelt fresh and delicious and where local people are selling local products. I know where my hard earned cash will be spent in the future………..

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