Council Karaoke


In Numbers:

7: Evening Post articles (2350 words) about recent St George West byelection talent contest over 41 days.

13: Evening Post articles (5753 words) about “Girlband’s” X-Factor election campaign over 51 days (so far).


Perhaps for next May’s City Council elections we will see the likes of Councillors Richard Eddy, Steve Comer and Derek Pickup making more of an effort to attract the Post’s attention.

Perhaps a glammed-up karaoke contest at the Council House with glitter and cheesy grins all round. Council girlband copy


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5 Responses to “Council Karaoke”

  1. Matt Says:

    Don’t think BEP’s hype did much good for “Girl Bland”.

  2. woodsy Says:

    Good piece; highlights the shallow and vacuous editorial policy of the Evening Post perfectly.

    By the way, do I detect the elusive Shirley Marshall in your picture of victorious LibDems? Where can I claim my £5 reward?

  3. Anarchist606 Says:

    I have not read the coverage, but does the Post mention in its ott overage that the blond one works for them? She works in the ads department of the Evening Post, so the journalists don’t need to go far to find out the scoop.

  4. Wee Jinty Says:

    Aye, what the wee man Anarchist606 says, Marissa works in the wee BEPP, she’s a lovely wee lass.

  5. Media Mouse Says:

    [Rumours abound about the Bristol Evening Post and the Western Daily Press becoming one paper. ]

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