Bristol Evening Strangler

Well done the Evening Post. Isn’t it satisfying to be the first the coin a popular new nickname. And so we have the “Bristol Groper” (Note: use caps for proper noun throughout).

Although crime correspondent Chris Allen doesn’t seem that keen to take credit for the nickname the next day when his report refers to the “serial attacker, dubbed the Bristol Groper”. Dubbed by who?

Is it just me that finds this a little odd, creepy and weird. Males hacks (and it inevitably is male hacks) giving nicknames to male sex attackers. Why?

And why does it so often apply to men who rape, assault and murder women? Jack the Ripper, Boston Strangler, Suffolk Strangler etc etc.

Doesn’t it trivialise the crime a little? Especially the word ‘grope’. It hardly reflects the seriousness with which the cops seem to be treating these crimes.

Anyway, considering the common rhyming slang, didn’t someone think that “Bristol Groper” had a bit too much of Carry-On sound to it?

EP Bristol Groper

And that’s an unfortunate place to put that advert, isn’t it?


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