Evening Post headline was "desperate cry for attention"

There’s nothing the Post loves more than stirring up a bit of racial or religious “controversy” (ie hatred) but sometimes its attempts are so desperate that even they have to admit to their stupidity.

Yesterday (Thursday 4th Dec) a story appeared on the Post’s website under this headline,

Teenager’s suicide “over religious teachings”.

The story began,

“A Bristol teenager who killed himself with painkillers was upset that his school had sidelined Christianity in favour of “alternative religions”, an inquest heard today.

Harry Tucker, 15, from Southville, read the Bible at home because his religious studies teachers focused on the teaching of Islam and Sikhism, his father, Robert Tucker, said.”

Already you can hear the howls of outrage from Post readers. “The Muslims have killed another one of our Christian boys. The PC Brigadeare to blame.”

Once you get past the second paragraph, however, you learn that the boy was also in trouble at school, had issues with his sexuality, was “suffering “night terrors” due to the memories of a female ex-partner of his mother threatening to burn down the house” and was generally, according to the coroner, a “sad and very mixed-up teenager”.

So, suicide over religious teachings? Not really was it? And today the Post seems to have acknowledged their fucking gutter stupidity and changed the headline to,

“Teenager’s overdose ‘cry for help'”

But no matter. The original story, complete with shit-stirring headline, can be found on the Nazi Stormfront website with a simple Google search of the poor kid’s name and is also being highlighted by the fascist Youth BNP website.

So, at least we know the kind of audience the Post chimes with, eh.


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