Evening Post to cut 45 jobs – Defend Evening Post journalists

https://i0.wp.com/i.thisis.co.uk/274156/article/images/512211/546089.jpgMedia Guardian reported this afternoon that Bristol News and Media (the Evening Post’s publisher) have announced a “reorganisation” of the Post and Western Daily Press which will include 45 redundancies.

The announcement confirms local speculation as reported this morning by the Bristol Blogger.

Despite our criticism of the Post we hope that NUJ members at the paper resist this attack on their jobs by the corporate money-men of the Daily Mail and General Trust. An Evening Post run with even fewer demoralised staff will surely be an more malign influence on our city than it is already.

We hope NUJ members at the Post and Press take action as they did in 2005 when journos took voted for strike action against job cuts and forced management to recognise the union.

Lets hope Post journos become part of the real fightback against the bosses attempts to make workers pay for their economic crisis.


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12 Responses to “Evening Post to cut 45 jobs – Defend Evening Post journalists”

  1. badnewswade Says:

    “Defend Evening Post journalists”?

    Sod that – they made their choice, working for that nasty little rag in the first place. It’s always such a tragedy when middle class people lose their jobs isn’t it? Screw ’em, they worked for an outfit that spews vile, right wing propaganda, they deserve everything they get.

  2. PhilC Says:

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. The average wage for a journalist is barely about the national average. Yes, most will have degrees. That doesn’t make you middle class, just in debt.
    And how many other people work for organisations which do things you may not like? Does that invalidate your right to a fair deal? If Bristol City Council craps all over housnig tenants do you turn your back when they decide to sack bin men?
    Managers rely on such fractured thinking to divide and conquer. Solidarity benefits all of us.

  3. Media Mouse Says:

    I can’t see how the WDP will survive as it goes the same way as the Bristol Observer.

    People will not pay for syndicated content twice.


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  7. Oliver Chettle Says:

    Calling for the “corporate money men” to preserve jobs without offering any ideas for how newspapers can remain viable is just self-indulgence. Newspapers are going through a global crisis exacerbated by – but not caused – by the recession. If they don’t make cuts they will go bust. If they do make cuts, they may still go bust in the end. Demanding that every newspaper job is kept in 2009 is as pointless as demanding that every stable job was kept in 1909.

    • eveningpostwatch Says:

      With respect, Oliver, you are talking utter bollocks. The media companies are still massively profitable and the bosses and shareholders are raking in cash. Some of these media companies have profit margins that would be unbelievable in most industries.

      Any financial problems are caused by the bosses mismanaging and building up debt rather than developing sustainable businesses. Getting rid of journos and other staff, who create the profits, is only gonna make the situation worse.

      It’s the bosses who should go, not the workers.

      Here, find out some facts before you start spouting crap http://www.nuj.org.uk/getfile.php?id=688

  8. Pop Says:

    With respect eveningpostwatch, it is you talking the bollocks.

    “We hope NUJ members at the Post and Press take action as they did in 2005 when journos took strike action against job cuts which resulted in forcing the management to recognise the union”.

    Putting that sentence’s lack of punctuation to one side, here are a few facts for you…

    There was no strike action in 2005. In fact, there was a strike ballot in 2006, which was won, but the members decided not to strike. The management was not forced to recognise the union as a result of any strike, the joint chapel went through a formal recognition process like in any other workplace. And where did that get us…. to another 40-odd redundancies three years later. Hmmmm, thank God for the union.

    I can only assume that it massages your ego to be some kind of quasi-journalist who claims to be in the know about how the Evening Post operates. Clearly, with this level of both research and grammar, you are no journalist and you have little insight into the Evening Post newsroom.

  9. Pop Says:


    Actually, there are plenty of “ordinary Bristolians” working at the Evening Post – including the editor who (as he often mentions) grew up on a council estate in South Bristol.

    • eveningpostwatch Says:

      Yes, Pop. I’m aware of Norton’s Bristolian background. He’s hardly an ordinary Bristolian now, though, is he?

      I’m not particularly interested in the backgrounds of individual journalists (although that is an issue, with people from working-class backgrounds becoming increasingly excluded from the media). The important issue is the increasing corporate control of the media which negatively impacts communities, journalists and independent media.

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