Evening Post advertises fascist BNP

We’ve been wondering how long it would take for the new Google “contextual” advertising on the Post’s website to cause embarrassment.

Here; an interview with former Bristol East Labour MP Tony Benn talking about Barak Obama, fighting racism in Bristol in the 60s and Bristol civil rights hero Paul Stephenson.

So, where better for an advert for the racist, Nazi British National Party (BNP).

Well done Evening Post. Or perhaps they’re not embarrassed . . .


EP - Benn - BNP


5 Responses to “Evening Post advertises fascist BNP”

  1. badnewswade Says:

    Jesus – it’s still doing it too!

  2. Charlie Says:

    Don’t think this is the evening posts fault? They probably just get paid by google to put that banner there and in turn the BNP pay google.

    Think its google advertising you want to be shaking your fist at for supporting Nazi scum by advertising for them in the first place!

  3. Fred Says:

    You clearly know nothing about how web advertising works. This isn’t the EP advertising the BNP. The issue is with Google. In a way this kind of sums up the problem with this website … all you seem to want to do is criticise. It’s funny, because people like you always twitter on about ‘balanced journalism’ etc then proceed to demonstrate total bias on whatever subject, in this case the EP. And of course you hide behind anonymity so you are not accountable for the things you say. At least with the EP we know who we are dealing with. So how about it … in your quest to ‘watch’ the EP, why not tell us who you are and provide a balanced commentary.
    Thought not ….

    Perhaps it should be called Evening Post Witch (hunt)

    • eveningpostwatch Says:

      Fred, actually it’s you who clearly knows nothing about how web advertising works. The Post can control what ads are displayed on their site very easily.

      But, even if they couldn’t, they are still ultimately responsible for what is published on their website.

      “It’s funny, because people like you always twitter on about ‘balanced journalism’ etc”

      Please show me where we have ever twittered on about “balanced journalism”. I don’t happen to believe that such a thing is either possible or desirable, so I’m not sure what you are talking about, Fred.

  4. badnewswade Says:

    It’s wierd how some people are so quick to condemn criticism. Can’t have people thinking for themselves can we? What is so wrong with asking questions and being critical? We’ve got a government that wants to dissolve the people and elect another one, a business class that just craps on us all and a compliant, sanitized corporate media – especially locally.

    Any criticism of this setup is vital I would think as a step towards creating something better.

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