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From BBC:

Newspapers’ print tradition ends

Frontage of Bristol Evening Post

Two Bristol newspapers will no longer be printed in the West after the firm which owns both publications moved its printing operation to cut costs.

The Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press (WDP) newspapers have been printed in the region for 300 years.

Northcliffe Media has taken the decision to move to Oxfordshire.

Former deputy news editor of the WDP Steve Eggington said: "It’s sad but inevitable. It’s difficult to see what future there is for local papers."

Editions of both papers are now being brought into the region on a daily basis.


6 Responses to “Oxford Bristol Evening Post”

  1. Media Mouse Says:

    The Bristol Oxford post it is then?!

  2. Fred Says:

    How the hell does it matter to the readers where it’s printed???

    • eveningpostwatch Says:

      Well, Fred. You’ll notice that I’ve just re-posted a BBC story; I haven’t actually said it does matter to readers.

      But, lets think about this for a minute. If the paper is printed in Didcot, a 75 mile drive away, at a printing press shared by multiple DMGT titles, then deadlines for the Post will have to be brought forward. This will mean more late breaking stories won’t make it into early editions.

      It also means the Post will have less ability to rush out special editions to cover major breaking stories.

      It’s another small victory for the centralised, corporate monopolies over the locally owned and controlled media.

      It will also result in more local redundancies.

  3. Alan Says:


  4. John Doughty Says:

    I have this e-mailfrom Hong Kong about an Irish Carpark attendant at the Bristol Zoo.
    He manned and collected fees for many years on an unauthorized carpark
    Is there ant truth in this.
    I can’t find it in the Bristol Evening news archives.
    Thank you

    Dr John Doughty

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