‘Ridiculously out of control’ party didn’t disturb anyone

That would be a truer headline for this story from today’s Post: ‘Teenager’s party got ‘ridiculously out of control’.

Despite the Post’s faux horror at teenagers drinking booze at at a party:

Two black sacks full of alcohol were seized from the property, including bottles of wine and cider and bottles of beer and alcopops after the party in Wrington got out of hand.

And despite the Post’s accompanying stock-photo which makes it look like someone was actually murdered,

This “out-of-control” party seems to have pissed off no one other than the party-girl’s fogeyish brother. The twenty year-old called the cops and had the poor hung-over 15 year-old girl knocking up the neighbours to apologise.

The neighbours’ response to the Post?

Peter Patch, 70, said: "The first I heard about this party was when this young girl came round to apologise.

"I must admit I hadn’t heard anything and this party hadn’t disturbed me, so I didn’t complain.

Neighbour Helen Paynton, 41, said she saw lots of young people coming out of the house but was also not disturbed by the party and did not make a complaint.

The mum-of-one said: . . .  It did not disturb me and I went to bed as normal.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: . . .  I heard a bit of noise, but it didn’t concern me.

"After all, we all have to remember that we were all young once."

Who contacted the paper with this story?

Is this news or is the Post getting a bit too involved in a little sibling bust-up?

It does help to reinforce the Post’s reactionary view of young people as thugs, drunks and yobs, though doesn’t it.


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  1. Noel Says:

    I couldnt agree more. When I read that story I just wondered why they even bothered to report it.

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