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“Lazy, incurious and ­uncritical money-making machines”

May 20, 2009

Former senior BBC journalist, James Cox, is quoted in today’s Guardian Diary:

“Local papers might like to portray themselves as ‘the last bastion of democratic accountability’, but my reaction is ‘phooey!’ Most of them are lazy, incurious and ­uncritical. Their version of reporting is a bald recital of facts, and any criticism, even of the local dramatic ­society, is frowned upon for fear of ­upsetting the cosy local ­consensus. Most modern local papers are mere money-making machines run by remote accountants and staffed by poorly paid and underperforming hacks.”

Does he live in Bristol, by any chance?


Evening Post to cut 45 jobs – Defend Evening Post journalists

January 23, 2009 Guardian reported this afternoon that Bristol News and Media (the Evening Post’s publisher) have announced a “reorganisation” of the Post and Western Daily Press which will include 45 redundancies.

The announcement confirms local speculation as reported this morning by the Bristol Blogger.

Despite our criticism of the Post we hope that NUJ members at the paper resist this attack on their jobs by the corporate money-men of the Daily Mail and General Trust. An Evening Post run with even fewer demoralised staff will surely be an more malign influence on our city than it is already.

We hope NUJ members at the Post and Press take action as they did in 2005 when journos took voted for strike action against job cuts and forced management to recognise the union.

Lets hope Post journos become part of the real fightback against the bosses attempts to make workers pay for their economic crisis.